The Nomination Committee of NCAB has been appointed

AP4 is represented by Jannis Kitsakis, Portfolio Manager.

The Nomination Committee of NCAB has now been appointed in accordance with the AGM resolutions.

AP4 is represented by Jannis Kitsakis, Portfolio Manager.

The other members in the committee are:

  • Per Hesselmark, R12
  • Sofia Aulin, Länsförsäkringar fonder
  • Gunnar Blix, Tredje AP-fonden
  • Christian Salamon, Chairman of the Board

About NCAB
NCAB is a leading supplier of printed circuit boards. The company was founded in 1993, and now they have local presence in 15 countries and customers in approximaterly 45 countries worldwide. The circuit boards are produced in external factorys, mainly in China.

Jannis Kitsakis

Jannis Kitsakis is portfolio manager at AP4 and has now been appointed as member of NCAB's nomination committe.