The Nomination Committee of Q-linea has been appointed

AP4 is represented by Jannis Kitsakis, Portfolio Manager.

The Nomination Committee of Q-linea has now been appointed in accordance with the AGM resolutions.

AP4 is represented by Jannis Kitsakis, Portfolio Manager.

The other members in the committee are:

  • Öystein Engebretsen, Investment AB Öresund
  • Erika Kjellberg Eriksson, Nexttobe AB

About Q-linea
Q-linea is an innovative research, development and manufacturing company that primarily develops instruments and disposables for rapid and reliable infection diagnostics.Q-linea was founded in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2008 by scientists from the Rudbeck Laboratory at Uppsala University together with Olink AB and the Uppsala University holding company, UUAB. Q-linea are an interdisciplinary, experienced and highly motivated team with state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facilities based in the center of Uppsala Science Park. Q-linea is a privately held company developing inventive systems for in vitro diagnostics for infectious diseases.

Jannis Kitsakis

Jannis Kitsakis is Portfolio manager at AP4 and has now been appointed as member of Q-linea's nomination committee.