Government evaluation

The AP funds' work is evaluated annually by the government.  The government's review is compiled in an annual report submitted to the Swedish parliament by 1 June each year. The report includes, among other things, a compilation of the AP Funds annual reports for the year in question and an evaluation of the AP funds since the evaluation start in 2001.

Skärmar med siffror och kurvor

Government evaluation for 2016 positive

The Swedish government’s annual evaluation showed that the AP Funds made a positive contribution to the pension system’s long-term funding in 2016 and have also done so since the inception in 2001. A study performed by the independent firm CEM Benchmarking shows that AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 are cost-efficient compared with a selection of foreign pension funds with similar missions and size. The government’s evaluation underscores the importance of continued work on achieving high cost efficiency.

The government has a positive view of the sustainability work conducted by the AP Funds and the Council on Ethics of the AP Funds. This sustainability work has received numerous awards both in Sweden and internationally. The government believes that the issues are important and that this work should continue with undiminished intensity.

The government considers it to be positive that in 2016, AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 increased their focus on collaboration between the funds, which may contribute to greater cost efficiency without any negative impact on the funds’ independence or on the diversity of their asset management models.