A representative from the Ethical Council takes part in a ESG study tour to South East Asia.

The Ethical Council participates in the seminar The pension capital - the search for yield. >>Read more

The Ethical Council will host students from IBS Week for a presentation regarding the AP funds and the work of the Ethical Council.

The Ethical Council releases its annual report 2013


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Annual report 2013


Ethical Council

The Ethical Council is a collaboration between four of the buffer funds in the national Swedish pension system, AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4. The guiding principle for the work of the Ethical Council is to make a difference. The funds do this by acting as strategically accountable and committed owners who exert influence on companies the world over to improve their efforts on environmental and social issues.

The Ethical Council operates both preventively and reactively. Problem areas and incidents are surveyed and analysed systematically by the Ethical Council, which then selects a number of focus areas and companies. During 2013 the Ethical engaged in dialogue with over 230 companies.