Awards and nominations

AP4's work gets positive attention in several different contexts, both in Sweden and internationally. In recent years, AP4 has received numerous international awards and honors.

2019 Awards

IPE Awards 2019

In competition with 430 entries from european pension funds, AP4 received first prize awards for two different categories: "Active Management" with the jury's comment "Tremendous alpha generation via a combination od sustainability factors and fundamental analysis, leading to stellar results of 9,9% over 10 years”,

and the category ”In-House Investment Team” with the jury's comment: “Very good internal setup, with detailed roles, investment strategy, philosophy and activities, achieving very good risk-adjusted returns.”

AP4 was also nominated in two more categories:  ”Portfolio Construction & Diversification” and the country category ”Sweden”.


2018 awards

IPE Awards 2018

In competition with 459 entries from 24 countries, AP4 received first prize awards for its asset management in five categories, the greatest number on awards among all participating funds. 

IPE Awards 2018: Best pension fund Sweden 

”A high quality submission, taking account of climate risk in the portfolio, and realistically adjusting its medium-term targets to reflect current conditions”

IPE Awards 2018: Portfolio Construction & Diversification

”Very well formulated and well structured governance set-up with portfolio diversification at many levels and directions”

IPE Awards 2018: Equities

“Sophisticated and well-balanced approach that thoughtfully combines different elements, making good use of available scale”

IPE Awards 2018: Active Management

”Sustainability focus aligned to long-term risk-aware active investing”

IPE Awards 2018: Long-term Investment Strategy

”A true long-term investor, with excellent performance, cost eficiency, integrated sustainability and active ownership”

Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP)

AODP has rankad AP4 number one out of 100 global pension funds. AP4 was also awarded the highest rating, AAA, for our work against climate change.

AODP Global Climate Index 2018 

2017 awards

IPE Awards 2017

Logo winner IPE Awards 2017 

AP4 received five nominations at the 2017 IPE Awards.

  • Long-term Investment Strategy
  • Sweden Country Award
  • ESG – Ethical and Corporate Governance
  • In-house Investment Team
  • Sovereign Reserve Fund

IPE Gold Award 2017 – Long Term Investment Strategy
IPE gave AP4 its IPE Gold Award 2017 for Best Long-term Investment Strategy with the citation::

"An extremely sophisticated investor with a strong corporate gonvernance structure, AP4 i undoubtedly among the best in the business".

Responsible Investor (RI) Awards 2017

Responsible Investor (RI) awarded AP1-AP4, together with institutional investors from the
Netherlands, the award for Commended for Innovation & Industry Leadership: Collaborations for cooperation on investments supporting the United Nations Global Development Goal.

RI-Awards 2017

2017 Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) Global Climate 500 Index  

AP4 has received AAA-rating, for our efforts on climate risk. AODP also ranks 500 of the worlds' largest investors according to the level of effort they put towards mitigation climate risk, positioning AP4 on an 8th place.

Global Climate 500 index  

2016 awards

During 2016 AP4 has received several awards.


IPE European 2016 Awards

AP4 received five differt nominations to the IPE Awards:

  • Long-term Investment Strategy
  • Best Pension Fund of the Year
  • Best Pension Fund Sweden
  • Sovereign Fund
  • Climate Related Risk Management

AP4 received an award in the category "Long-term Investment Strategy". The motivation was:

Demonstrates a real appreciation of what longterm investing is about.

Clear, simple and strong investment philosophy and strategy based on:

  • High equity content (60%)
  • Long-term investment horizon (40 year) allowing for annual volatility
  • Priority given to sustainability (Corporate governance and climate change)
  • Very low operating cost (6 bp)
  • This is validated by the excellent average annual return achieved over the last 10 years (6,8%)
Strong real returns, managing short versus longterm risk profile, harvesting liquidity premiums.
Impressive focus on long-term strategy. Excellent long-term results. To maintain a return of over 9,7% over 5 years is an excellent performance.

2° Invest Award

The French Ministry of the Environment, the Treasury and 2° Investing Initiative assigned AP4 a special mention in the presentation of this year's 2° Invest Award. The prize was established to highlight the best practices in sustainability reporting.

The motivation was:

AP4’s 2015 report presents a developed approach targeting the integration of climate-related policies at all stages of the investment chain. Back in 2014 as a founding member of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition, the fund developed a clear decarbonization strategy to be applied to an entire asset class. The presentation of this initiative in the report highlighted its innovative management of climate-related risks.


Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Lifetime Achievement Award

CIO highlights CEO Mats Andersson’s leadership and contribution internationally to sustainable investments and climate change projects.

2016 Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) Global Climate 500 Index  

AP4 has received AAA-rating, for our efforts on climate risk. AODP also ranks 500 of the worlds' largest investors according to the level of effort they put towards mitigation climate risk, positioning AP4 on a third place.

2015 awards

During 2015 AP4 has received several awards in addition to an award for the AP funds' Ethical Council.


IRRI Survey 2015

AP4 ranked number 7 when Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) performed their annualy global survey and asked the question "Which asset owner contributes most to the wider SRI debate?". Out of the top ten ranked pensionsfunds, AP4 was the only Swedish fund.

Sweden's AP4 ranked seventh, thanks to CEO Mats Andersson's vocal support of environmental causes and his team's work to reduce the portfolio's carbon output.

IRRCi Research Award 2015

Mats Andersson received an Honorable Mention recognition for his paper "Hedging Climate Risk", that he has co-written together with Patrick Bolton (Columbia Business School) and Frédéric Samama (SWF Research Initiative). The paper presents a simple dynamic investment strategy that allows long-term passive investors to hedge climate risk without sacrificing financial returns.

IRRCI Research Award 2015

FN100 Most Influential list

Mats Andersson was listed on a fifth place in the category "Pensions and Investment" when Financial News presented their annually FN100 Most influental list. The motivation mentioned both AP4's good results and our work with the Portfolio Decarbonization (PDC).

As head of Sweden's fourth national Swedish pension fund, Andersson provides significant institutional clout in environmental and corporate activism. The Skr295 billion ($36.4 billion) AP4 fund co-founded the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition, an alliance of institutional investors committed to reducing investments in the worst fossil-fuel pollutes. Launched at UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's climate summit in late 2014, it has attracted 12 institutional investors. Andersson, a former head of Nordic equities at Deutsche Bank, also plans to step up to the fund's corporate activist positions. In 2014, AP4 doubled its investment in the Governance for Owners' Japan Engagement Fund and was vocal in it opposition to Wolkswagen's €6.7 billion takeover of truckmaker Scania. It also had its best performace yet, returning 15.7 %.

Responsible investors (RI)
Best Responsible Investor Report 2015 - Large Pension Funds

AP4 was nominated as one of eight funds in the category Best RI Report - Large funds and was commended at the RI Reporting Awards 2015.
The judges' comments to commend AP4 were as follows:

  • Provides an excellent description of both the rationale for RI and how it is implemented at the fund, aimed at general public.
  • Very comprehensive articulation of social, environmental and governance strategies.
  • A report that had some excellent global segmentations and considerations which clearly informed their strategy and leadership.
  • Provides data on RI activities at the fund and year over year improvements.
  • Top-down strategic commitment clearly visible

RI Awards 2015

Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP)
Global Climate 500 Index  

AP4 received AAA-rating, as one of nine investors, for our efforts on climate risk. AODP ranked 500 of the worlds' largest investors according to the level of effort they put towards mitigation climate change risk.


Environmental Finance Award
Personality of the Year

AP4:s CEO Mats Andersson was awarded Personality of the year because Mats

... has helped dirve the Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition forward ahead of the all-important UN climate talks in Paris.

Environmental Finance Award


Institutional Investor European Awards
Scandinavian Public Pension Manager of the Year

AP4:s CIO and deputy CEO Magnus Eriksson has been awarded Scandinavian Public Pension Manager of the Year for AP4's focus on sustainability and long-term focus in the management structure in order to create good returns. Magnus Eriksson was also profiled in an article in Institutional Investor.


2014 awards

During 2014 AP4 was awarded five international awards.


CFA ESG Awards 2014

AP4 together with Svenska Kyrkan (Church of Sweden) and SPP was awarded the price CFA ESG Award 2014 with the motivation:

These institutions have demonstrated leadership and commitment to this challenge, each in their own way, as it relates to their fiduciary duty and clients. All three have incorporated their views on fossil fuels to implement investment strategies to capitalize and generate higher investment returns. They have demonstrated that you do not need to sacrifice short-term goals in order to achieve long-term objectives. Through their leadership they have invited to an industry dialogue and initiated the development of toolkits for a sustainable approach.

CFA ESG Award 2014


2014 IPE Awards
Best Public Pension Fund


Remarkable return in the last two years and over the last 10, plus a major contributor to government policy goals on SRI, ethics and carbon risk.

IPE (Investment & Pension Europe)


2014 IPE Gold Awards
Outstanding Industry Contribution

Assigned to AP4's CEO Mats Andersson.

IPE (Investment & Pension Europe)

2014 nominations


2014 IPE Awards


  • Climate Related Risk Management
  • ESG

IPE (Investment & Pension Europe)

aiCIO AwardsaiCIO (asset international's Chief Investment Officer)


Since January 2013, the AP4 board has taken a 40-year time horizon and held strategic control over bonds, equities, currency and duration. The investment team does the rest. This makes it easier for them to make dynamic allocations and move nimbly to take opportunistic plays on the market".


2013 awards

During 2013 AP4 was awarded three international awards.

Financial News Awards for Excellence in Institutional Hedge Fund Management Europe 2013

In competition with other European equities managers, AP4 received a prize for its global equities management - Most pioneering European Institutional Investor in Hedge Funds.


2013 nominations

aiCIO European Innovations Awards 2013
Asset Allocation Innovation - Asset Owners

AP4 was nominated by aiCIO (Asset International's Chief Investment Officer) for

the stance it has taken on ESG investing - in particular the low-emission portfolio - and the long-term horizon the pension has taken on relatively illiquid investments.


Responsible Investors (RI)
Best Responsible Investor Report 2013 Large Pension Funds

AP4 was nominated by RI (Responsible Investors) in competition with major pension funds globally for its reporting on its sustainability and corporate governance work.