International cooperations

AP4 has signed and supports a number of initiatives promoting development in ESG. By cooperation with other investors, the fund gets more possibilities to influance the companies we invest in.

Fossil Free Sweden

Ahead of COP21 in Paris, the Swedish government has launched the initiative Fossil Free Sweden (Fossilfritt Sverige), an initiative in which Swedish companies, municipalities and organizations are given the opportunity to make visible how they contribute to climate change.
At the same time the world's countries and companies are challenged to participate in the race of becoming fossil free.


PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)

AP4 has signed a United Nations initiative for responsible investment: PRI. The purpose of the PRI is to bolster companies and investors responsible behaviour on ethical and environmental issues, and the PRI serves as a framework for investors in their daily tasks of integrating ESG into asset management and in their own organisations.


PDC (The Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition)

AP4 has together with UNEP FI, Amundi and CDP launched PDC. PDC is a multistakeholder initiative that will drive GHG emissions reductions on the ground by mobilizing a critical mass of institutional investors committed to gradually decarbonizing their portfolios.


CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

CDP is an international collaborative project to reduce companies impact on the environment and raise awareness of climate change. To effectively reduce emissions, companies must know what they are releasing. One first step is to start measuring and documenting emissions.


EITI (Extractive Industries Transparancy Initiative)

EITI is an initiative for transparent disclosure in extraction industries. Together with other international investors, the Fund supports EITI, which sends a message to countries and companies with extractive business operations that shareholder value clear and transparent disclosure of revenues.


IIGCC (Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change)

The Fund is a member of IIGCC, which collaborates on climate change issues for European investors. The goal is to raise the investors voices on climate change and to engage companies, government authorities, and other investors.


Hållbart Värdeskapande / Sustainable Value creation

Hållbart Värdeskapande is a cooperation between 17 of Swedens largest insitutionell investors and Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. The cooperation was initiated 2009 since swedish investors and owners of swedish companies located a need to highlight the importance of companies working in a structured way with sustainability.  


ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network)


ICGN is a global cooperation to raise the standard of corporate governance worldwide. ICGN works for shareholder to win more rights to vote at shareholder meetings and a stronger position in relation to company management. Their mission is to inspire effective standards of corporate governance to advance efficient markets world-wide.   


The Montreal Carbon Pledge

By signing onto the Montreal Carbon Pledge AP4 commits to measure and publicly disclose the carbon footprint on an annual basis. The Montreal Carbon Pledge summit in Montreal and is supported by the PRI and UNEP-FI.


Investor Platform for Climate Actions

A group of institutional investors, including PDC, IIGCC, PRI and CDP that AP4 are members of, have launched an online platform to highlight the actions they are taking to curb climate change. The Investor Platform for Climate Action aims to inform investors and policy makers about other initiatives already underway and to catalyze new ones.