Government evaluation

The AP funds' work is evaluated annually by the government.  The government's review is compiled in an annual report submitted to the Swedish parliament by 1 June each year. The report includes, among other things, a compilation of the AP Funds annual reports for the year in question and an evaluation of the AP funds since the evaluation start in 2001.


Transparency a guiding principle

Transparency is a guiding principle for AP4 and essential for earning trust — both as a major, long-term investor and as a government agency. AP4 has many different stakeholders, and to facilitate external stakeholders’ understanding, reviews and evaluations, a high level of transparency is important. AP4 strives for transparency in its reporting and communication as far as possible without infringing upon its operations.

Reviewed and evaluated by numerous stakeholders

An AP Fund’s operations and the review of such are regulated by law. The AP Funds’ boards are appointed by the government. The Board monitors and continuously evaluates the asset management activities. External auditors conduct an annual audit of the operations and accounts. The government performs a special evaluation every year with the assistance of external consultants, who analyse and evaluate the operations. The government’s review is summarised in a public report that is submitted to Swedish Parliament every year. The government’s evaluation is a source of vital feedback and contributes to AP4’s work on developing its operations. In addition, as a significant, public capital owner, AP4 is subject to the review and views of various stakeholder organisations.