Strategic management, 3-15 years

Strategic management, with an investment horizon of between 3 - 15 years, constitutes 32.9 (30.2) percent of AP4’s assets. This is equivalent to SEK 110.0 (93.6) billion.

The Strategic management outperformed the index during the year and provided an overall positive active contribution of 1.0 (4.8) percentage points to AP4’s total return. This corresponds to SEK 3.1 (14.1) billion in active profit contribution.

Since its inception 2013, the Strategic management’s overall profit contribution has amounted to SEK 21.6 billion, with the largest contributions coming from real estate and Swedish equities in the amount of SEK 12.8 billion and SEK 9.8 billion, respectively.

The evaluation period for the Strategic management is five years and a full evaluation period will be achieved at the end of 2017.

Real estate, together with the decision to keep a large proportion of Swedish equities, provided the largest positive contributions during 2016 with an active contribution to the result of SEK 3.5 (5.2) and SEK 2.5 (6.4) billion, respectively.