AP4's management and sustainability work, as well as the reporting, get positive attention in several different contexts, both in Sweden and internationally. During 2016 AP4 received several awards in addition to an award for the AP Fund's Ethical Council.

Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) Global Climate 500


AODP awarded AP4 the highest rating of AAA for the management of climate risks in investments. In addition, AP4 ranked 3rd of 500 global institutional investors.

Sweden's most influential persons regarding the environment


Aktuell Hållbarhet (formerly MiljöAktuellt) ranks AP4’s CEO until 30 June 2016, as number ten of Sweden’s most influential environmental people 2016. Aktuell Hållbarhet annually ranks the most influential people regarding the environment in order to highlight role models and persons who determine the environmental and sustainability agenda and who drive development in a more sustainable direction.

The ranking is awarded based on the following:


"No company can be successful long term if sustainability is not high on the agenda."

These succinct words come from the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund’s CEO Mats Andersson. In 2015 AP4 was one of four promoters of the PDC, a coalition that ahead of the climate meeting in Paris aimed to pull together $100 billion in pension capital and allocate them to climate-smart investments. The goal was achieved by a wide margin where four funds became 25 and capital has reached $3 200 billion.


Sweden's most influential persons regarding the environment


Aktuell Hållbarhet also ranks the AP Funds’ Ethical Council Secretary General on its list of Sweden’s most influential environmental people.

The ranking is awarded based on the following:

The Secretary General of the AP Funds’ Ethical Council sees clear links between sustainability and returns. Through a long-term perspective and focused efforts the AP Fund’s Ethical Council contributes in influencing companies worldwide to work more sustainably. Since environmental analyst John Howchin became Secretary General of the AP Funds Ethical Council, the AP Funds have strengthened their efforts to enforce environmental and ethical issues in the foreign companies whose shares they own.


Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Lifetime Achievement Award

AP4’s CEO, until 30 June 2016, Mats Andersson was awarded CIO’s Lifetime Achievement Award. CIO highlights CEO Mats Andersson’s leadership and contribution internationally to sustainable investments and climate change projects.


2° Invest Award – the International Award on Investor Climate-Related Disclosures

The French Ministry of the Environment, the Treasury and 2° Investing Initiative assigned AP4 a special mention in the presentation of this year's 2° Invest Award.

The motivation was:

AP4’s 2015 report presents a developed approach targeting the integration of climate-related policies at all stages of the investment chain.

Back in 2014 as a founding member of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition, the fund developed a clear decarbonization strategy to be applied to an entire asset class.

The presentation of this initiative in the report highlighted its innovative management of
climate-related risks.

IPE Awards 2016 – five nominations

AP4 received five different nominations to the IPE Awards.

  • Long-term Investment Strategy
  • Best Pension Fund of the Year
  • Best Pension Fund Sweden
  • Sovereign Fund
  • Climate Related Risk Management

IPE European 2016 Awards 2016 – Long-term Investment Strategy

The motivation was:

Demonstrates a real appreciation of what long-term investing is about.

Clear, simple and strong investment philosophy and strategy based on:

  • High equity content (60%)
  • Long-term investment horizon (40 year) allowing for annual volatility
  • Priority given to sustainability (Corporate governance and climate change)
  • Very low operating cost (6 bp)
  • This is validated by the excellent average annual return achieved over the last 10 years (6,8%)

Strong real returns, managing short versus long-term risk profile, harvesting liquidity premiums.

Impressive focus on long-term strategy. Excellent long-term results. To maintain a return of over 9,7% over 5 years is an excellent performance.