Fund governance report 2016

AP4 submits a Fund Governance Report each year comprising those parts of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance appropriate for AP4.

AP4's Board of directors consists of nine members. All members are appointed by the government. Two members are appointed by proposal from the employees organization and two members are appointed by proposal from the employers organizations. The government appoints the chairman from among the other members.The Board is responsible for the organization and the management of AP4’s capital.

On April 28, 2016  Sarah McPhee was elected new Chairman of the board after Monica Caneman.

On May 19, 2016 the Government recommended that all AP4's Board Directors be re-elected. These are Sarah McPhee, Chairman, Jakob Grinbaum, vice Chairman, Heléne Fritzon, Ing-Marie Gren, Sven Hegelund, Stefan Lundbergh, Erica Sjölander, Maj-Charlotte Wallin and Göran Zettergren.

The Board has delegated responsibility for day-to-day management to AP4’s CEO, who has an Executive Management group of six employees to support the CEO in the decision-making process.

The Government appoints AP4’s Auditors. The current audit mandate for 2016 is valid until the income statement and balance sheet for 2016 are adopted. The Auditors report to AP4’s Board and to the Ministry of Finance. The Fund’s Auditors have not examined the Fund Governance Report.

The 2016 Fund Governance Report can be read and downloaded at