AP4's work gets positive attention in several different contexts, both in Sweden and internationally.

AP4 ranked number eight globally for its management on climate crisis

Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) Global Climate 500 awarded AP4 the highest rating, AAA, for AP4's management of climate risk in its investments during the Spring 2017. In addition AP4 ranked eight globally of 500 institutional investors.


RI Awards 2017 for collaboration

During the period, Responsible Investors (RI) Awards awarded AP1-AP4, together with institutional investors from the Netherlands, the award for Commended for Innovation & Industry Leadership: Collaborations for cooperation on investments supporting the United Nations Global Development Goal.


Sweden's most influential environmentalist - awarded to the Council on Ethics of the AP Funds

Aktuell Hållbarhet ranks the Council on Ethics of the AP Funds Secretary General on its list of Sweden’s most influential environmental people during the S

pring of 2017. The ranking is awarded based on the following:

Under John Howchin’s leadership, the Council on Ethics of the AP Funds has strengthened efforts on ethics issues in foreign-owned companies. John Howchin is a skilled negotiator who knows how to mobilize influential investors to discuss and drive important and difficult sustainability issues.