About AP4

The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) is one of five buffer funds in the Swedish pension system. AP4's mission is through the management of fund capital to maximize shareholder value over time, thus contributing to the stability of the pension system. AP4's focus areas within Sustainability are Climate Change and Corporate Governance.

As of June, 2017 fund capital amounted to SEK 348 billion. The capital consists of both equities, fixed income, real estate and alternative assets.


The graph above shows the asset allocation, June 30, 2017.¹ The Board of Directors has resolved that AP4 has the best chance to achieve the real longterm goal by having a high proportion of publically listed shares. Listed shares, both global and Swedish, represents more than half of total assets. In the diagram, the underlying value of derivatives in the passive allocation has been allocated to the respective asset classes.

¹ The assets are rounded separetly.

Positive contribution to the pension system

Since the evalutation start 2001, AP4's return after expenses surpasses the Income Index, which means that AP4 has contributed positively to the pension system.  

Sustainability and Corporate Governance

Sustainability aspects, such as environment, ethics and governance, is a necessity to conduct successful long-term management. Sustainability is therefore one of the four cornerstones of AP4's business philosophy.

In addition to its ongoing sustainability initiative, AP4 has chosen two focus areas: corporate governance and climate and the environment.

AP4 has chosen these focus areas because:

  • they are considered to be important for return and the performance of all assets.
  • AP4’s knowledge, commitment and potential for impact can make a difference and have a positive influence on return on assets over the long term. 

More about the AP-funds and the Swedish pensionssystem

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