Would you like to write your essay at AP4 and contribute with new perspectives and knowledge?

If you are a university or college student and approaching your degree, you are welcome to apply to write your thesis with us at AP4. It is a great opportunity to get to know AP4 and for us to take on your knowledge and skills.

We have a broad range of operations which gives you many interesting topics to immerse yourself in. Previously, students at AP4 have written papers about:

Interested in writing your thesis at AP4?

You are welcome to suggest your own topic. Be sure to make a clear and concrete description of your proposal, and send your inquiry to us well in time before you start writing your essay.

Contents of your application:

  • Description of the project
  • A timetable over the planned work
  • Extent of the thesis (number of points)
  • A personal presentation
  • Information about your education and field of study
  • Your justification for your interest in the project
  • Your contact information (address, phonenumber and email-address)

Send* your application and/or any questions to