If you are currently doing studies at a university or college, you are welcome to apply for a job to complement your studies or to write your thesis with us.

This would give you a good opportunity to get to know us at AP4 – and would give us a great opportunity to take on your knowledge and ideas. Of course, you are welcome to suggest a topic for your thesis yourself. 

What we need from you

  • What you want your thesis to focus on – and what the timetable is for your work
  • Extent of the thesis – i.e., the number of credits (points) that your thesis counts for
  • A presentation of yourself and explanatory statement of why you are interested in your project
  • Your CV, information about your education and the focus of your studies, and of course also your contact information

Do the following

Once you have thought through your application, send it to us at: Write in the subject line which student role your application pertains to. You can also include questions for us in your email to this address.