Executive management

Niklas Ekvall

Born: 1963
Employed since 2016
Ph. D. Financial Economics, M. Sc. Industrial Engineering
Previous positions: Nordea, Carnegie, AP3, Handelsbanken and the Stockholm School of Economics
Other assignments
Director: Vasakronan AB, Hans Dahlborgs Stiftelse för Bank- och Finansforskning, The Investment Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Jenny Askfelt Ruud

Head of Alternative Investments
Born: 1973
Employed 2018
M. Sc. Econ.
Previous positions: Enwise, Ratos, McKinsey & Company, Arts Alliance and Morgan Stanley

Theresa Einarsson

General Counsel
Born: 1977
Employed 2019
Previous positions: Apoteksgruppen i Sverige AB, Advokatfirman Vinge, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, Advokatfirman Hammarskiöld & Co

Tobias Fransson

Head of Sustainability, Finance & Communication
Born: 1968
Employed 2003
M. Sc. Econ.
Previous positions: ABB, SEB, Capto Financial Consulting

Magdalena Högberg

Magdalena Högberg

Head of Strategic Allocation and Quantitative Analysis
Born 1983
Employed 2013
Previous positions: VPD and Astando

Jannis Kitsakis

Head of Fundamental Equities
Born: 1976
Employed 2008
M. Sc. Econ.
Previous positions: Handelsbanken

Nicklas Wikström

Head of Risk & Operations
Born: 1968
Employed 2008
M. Sc. Accounting and Financing, CEFA, AFA
Previous positions: AFA Insurance