Board of Directors

The AP4 Board of Directors consists of nine members, all appointed by the Swedish government.

Two of the members are appointed from nominees of employee organisations and two from nominees of employer organisations. The government appoints the Chair and Deputy Chair from its own nominees. 

Sarah McPhee

Chair of the Board since 2016 
Born 1954
B. A., M. A., M. Sc. Business and Economics

Other assignments 
Chair: SNS, Houdini AB 
Director: Klarna AB, Axel Johnson Inc., Bure Equity AB, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Lars Åberg

Vice Chair since 2017
Born 1953
B. Sc. Econ.
Other assignments
Director: Trygg-Stiftelsen, Gamla Livförsäkringsaktiebolaget SEB TryggLiv.

Sven Hegelund

Director since 2012
Born 1947
M. Pol. Sc.
Other assignments
Chair: Nordiska Investeringsbanken

Henrik Rättzén

Director since 2019 
Born 1965
B. Sc. Econ.
Other assignments
Executive Vice President and CFO, SJ AB

Erica Sjölander

Director since 2012 
Born 1971 
M. Econ.
Other assignments
Cabinet Secretary, Swedish Unions within Industry 

Katrin Stjernfledt Jammeh

Director since 2017
Born 1974
Other assignments
Municipal board chair, City of Malmö
Chair: Malmö Stadshus AB
Director: Malmö Municipal Council, SKR´s Board and Social Democrat Party Board

Maj-Charlotte Wallin

Director since 2014
Born 1953
B. Sc. Econ.
Other assignments
Director: Specialfastigheter AB

Ingrid Werner

Director since 2017
Born 1961
Ph. D. Econ.,  Honorary Ph. D., Stockholm School of Economics
Other assignments
Martin and Andrew Murrer Professor of Finance
Swedish House of Finance, Academic Advisory Board
Director: American Finance Association, FINRA Economic Advisory Committee, Mistra Financial Systems Board, Scientific Board Danish Finance Institute and Dimensional Funds

Göran Zettergren

Director since 2015 
Born 1958
Lic. Econ.
Other assignments
Senior Economist TCO