Board of Directors

AP4's Board of Directors consists of nine members. The Government appoints all members on the basis of competence to promote fund management.

Two of the members are appointed from nominees of employee organisations and two from nominees of employer organisations. The government appoints the Chair and Vice Chair from its own nominees. 

Johan Gyllenhoff has been appointed by the government to acting chair from October 12, 2023, until a new chair has been appointed.

Johan Gyllenhoff

Johan Gyllenhoff

Vice Chair since 2023
Born: 1962
B.Sc. Econ, Stockholm School of Economics
Other assignments
Head of Group Finance, Vattenfall
Chair: Vattenfall Eldistribution AB, Försäkringsaktiebolaget Vattenfall Insurance
Director: Kärnavfallsfonden

Helén Eliasson

Director since 2020
Born: 1971
Fil. kand social omsorg
Other assignments
Regionråd, Chair Regionstyrelsen Västra Götaland
Director: SKR:s styrelse, regionfullmäktige Västra Götaland

Monika Elling

Director since 2020
Born: 1962
B.Sc. Econ.
Other assignments
Chair: Talent Eye AB
Director: Didner & Gerge, X Shore AB

Anders Johansson

Director since 2019
Born: 1960
Other assignments
Chair: Forena försäkringsbranschens fackförbund
Director: TCO, Folksam Liv, Kooperationens Pensionsstiftelse, FPK Tjänstepensionsföretag 

Henrik Rättzén

Director since 2019
Born: 1965
B. Sc. Econ.
Other assignments
Chair: Hedvig Försäkring AB, BOSAM, Freedom Holding, Bumbee-Labs, Tangerine Smart Climate Technologies
Director: Nordnet, Alektum Group, Senior Advisor

Per Strömberg

Director since 2022
Born: 1968
PhD Carnegie Mellon University, B.Sc. Econ. Stockholm School of Economics
Other assignments
Professor of Finance and Private Equity
Director: COIN Securities Services AB, Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien

Ingrid Werner

Director since 2017
Born: 1961
Ph. D. Econ., Honorary Ph. D., Stockholm School of Economics
Other assignments
Martin and Andrew Murrer Professor of Finance
Chair: FINRA Economic Advisory Committee, Academic Advisory Board for SHoF
Director: Dimensional Mutual Funds and ETFs, Research Advisory Council for SAFE, Scientific Council for SFI

Aleksandar Zuza

Director since 2020
Fil. Mag företagsekonomi, Fil. Mag nationalekonomi
Other assignments
Research Officer IF Metall