A prerequisite for long-term and successful management is that we integrate sustainability aspects in both investment processes and individual investment decisions.

Our approach to sustainability 

Integration of sustainability aspects into asset management is part of both the investment analysis and the investment decisions that are made, which we see as important and necessary work as a responsible owner and long-term pension manager. 

Governing documents of sustainability work

AP4's sustainability policy and ownership policy are adopted annually by the Board of Directors. These policies set out the purpose, goals and guidelines for sustainability work. The CEO has overall responsibility for sustainability issues in the day-to-day operations. Unit managers in property management and portfolio managers have a responsibility to manage sustainability issues within their respective investment mandates. The CEO reports regularly to the Board on how the sustainability work is progressing and developing.

The Sustainability policy is applied to all investment activities, both for investments in Sweden and internationally, as well as for both internal management and external management mandates.

AP4's Sustainability Policy describes the principles and strategies for how we integrate sustainability into our asset management and should be read in conjunction with AP4's Corporate Governance Policy, which describes our principles and strategies for corporate governance for Swedish and foreign listed companies and, where applicable, also for unlisted holdings.

AP4's Sustainability Policy

AP4's Corporate Governance Policy

Broad perspective on sustainability

AP4 has a broad perspective when it comes to sustainability aspects in its investment operations. Material sustainability aspects relating to climate and environment, social responsibility and corporate governance are taken into account and managed.

  • climate and environment, which includes climate change, climate change, resource efficiency, biodiversity and hazardous emissions
  • social aspects, such as human rights and labour rights
  • Corporate governance aspects, such as shareholders' rights, board composition, remuneration issues, transparency and business ethics aspects such as corruption

AP4's asset management continuously analyses sustainability aspects and integrates them into the asset management in a way that is adapted to each asset class and management model.