AP4 has a socially important mission and performs a vital function for today’s pensioners as well as for everyone who one day will become a pensioner.

By managing part of the public pension system’s capital with a long-term high return, we are helping to strengthen the pension system. In this way we contribute to financial security for today’s and tomorrow’s pensioners.

AP4 is a small, specialised organisation, which entails that all of our employees, through their competence and the work they do, play a significant role in our performance and in the achievement of our goals.

For us at AP4 it is important that we can develop, engage and retain our employees, at the same time that we strive to inspire the interest of potential future employees.

For us it is a decisive success factor that everyone feels engaged and motivated about their work, and on top of this that our employees find it both challenging and fun to have an opportunity to grow with us in their roles. We work in teams, and it is through interaction with each other that we can fulfil our mission in the best way possible.