Common values

AP4's sustainability work is based on the AP Funds Act, which states that fund assets must be managed in an exemplary manner through responsible investments and responsible ownership. Particular attention shall be paid to how sustainable development can be promoted without compromising the overall goal of long-term high returns.
The AP Funds shall work together to achieve the goal of exemplary management and have therefore developed values and guidelines for collaboration in sustainability, which are based on the Swedish state's core values and its six principles:
  • Democracy
  • Legality
  • Objectivity
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Power and service

The common values also describe the AP-Funds' approach to the requirement to conduct exemplary management of the funds in the income pension system. For example, by integrating sustainability factors such as environmental, social and governance aspects as well as business ethical aspects into the operations, both in the own organization and in the management of the fund capital. The AP Funds have developed common guidelines for reporting how the target has been achieved, as well as guidelines for which assets funds should not be invested in.

The AP-funds' common values for managing funds

The AP-funds' common guidelines for reporting on how the objective has been achieved

The AP-funds' common guidelines on which asset funds should not be invested in