About AP4

AP4’s mission is to contribute to the financial security of current and future pensioners in Sweden by managing part of the national pension system’s buffer capital. AP4’s long-term perspective, responsibility as an owner and strong commitment to sustainability create opportunities for high returns at a low cost. In this way AP4 works for more secure pensions.


AP4 is a long-term investor

The Swedish pension system’s need of payments from the AP Funds stretches over a very long period of time, entailing that AP4 can invest with a very long-term perspective. This provides unique opportunities to be resilient and manage volatility for the benefit of higher returns.

Climate & Environment part of sustainability focus

AP4 believes that a sustainability perspective is a prerequisite for long-term success in asset management. It is for this reason that AP4 always integrates sustainability, with focus on the climate and environment, in its investment processes. In this way we can achieve well balanced risks, capitalise on business opportunities, and achieve a high return over time. AP4 was early in reducing climate risk in its equity portfolio.

AP4 takes responsibility as an active owner

Being a major shareholder on the Stockholm Stock Exchange conveys both opportunities and responsibility. AP4 takes its responsibility as an active owner by engaging in close dialogue, taking a stance on important issues, and communicating clear expectations to boards and managements of the companies that AP4 invests in.