AP4 is part of a global initiative that assesses the transition to a low-carbon economy

Earlier this week the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) was launched. The initiative will assess how a transition to a low-carbon economy can affect their investments. The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) is a part of the initiative that in total consists of 13 international asset owners and five international asset managers.

Other members of the initiative are, among others, Swedish AP1 and AP3, Dutch pension fund PGGM and Hermes. Together, the group manages a capital of more than £ 2 000 billions.

The initiative will use a publicly available online tool to analyse how companies are positioned for a transition to a low-carbon economy.

The initiative, which was launched on the London Stock Exchange, is led by the Church of England and the Environment Agency Pension Fund together with Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics.

Read more in the press release.