AP4 rewarded at IPE Awards 2022

AP4 received several awards at the annual Investments & Pensions Europe 2022 conference.

The prestigious "Pension Fund of the Year" award was given to AP4 with the jury's motivation:

"A leading long-term pension investor that shows that it is possible to find new and intelligent ways to punch above its weight in the illiquid markets and be creative when it comes to the listed markets".

AP4 also received awards in the categories "Public Pension Fund" and "Portfolio Construction & Diversification".

In addition, AP4 was nominated in the categories "Long-term Investment Strategy", "Sweden" and "Impact Investing".

This year, AP4 also received awards at the IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2022, in the categories "Nordic Countries" and "Indirect Strategy" respectively, and was nominated in two categories, "Commitment to Diversity" and "Opportunistic Strategy".

Niklas Ekvall, CEO of AP4, comments:

"We are proud and very happy about the attention we receive for our work, it provides inspiration and motivation to continue to develop our business and management. The great prizes are also a result of the dedicated work that all AP4's employees contribute."

Additional prices and attention in 2022

Based on the climate strategy of our investment activities, AP4 received the prestigious "Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Year" award at the Sustainable Investment Awards 2022.

The "Global Pension Transparency Benchmark" evaluates how transparent pension funds globally report in terms of returns, costs, governance and sustainability within their own operations. AP4 was ranked in shared first place for its sustainability reporting and fourth place overall among all pension funds.