The Nomination Committee of New Wave Group has been appointed

AP4 is represented by Arne Lööw, Head of Corporate Governance.

The Nomination Committee of New Wave Group AB has now been appointed in accordance with the AGM resolutions and following consultation with the company's largest owners.

AP4 is represented by Arne Lööw, Head of Corporate Governance.

The other members of the committee is:

  •  Torsten Jansson, Managing Director Torsten Jansson Förvaltnings AB
  •  Johan Ståhl, Lannebo Fonder


New Wave Group is  a growth company that designs, acquires and develops brands and products in the corporate promo, gifts and home furnishings sectors.The groups divides its operations into three operating segments: Corporate Promo, Sports & Leisure and Gifts & Home Furnishings. The company was established 1990 and since 1997 they are noted on the Swedish Stock Exchange.