AP4 receives award in Sustainable Investment Awards 2022

Proud and happy, AP4 recently received the award: "Sovereign wealth fund of the year" which Environmental Finance stands behind and publishes every year.

The prestigious awards, reward asset managers, analysts and data providers who integrate ESG across all asset classes such as fixed income assets, listed equities, private equity and infrastructure funds.

AP4 received the award with the motivation:

AP4 has further strengthened its quantitative carbon reduction strategies in 2021 – and reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by a further 23 percent compared to the previous year. Since 2010, carbon dioxide emissions from AP4's investments have decreased by 60 percent. During 2021, AP4 has addressed its emerging market exposure and, together with the Fund's external managers, implemented a strategy that significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions. AP4 further developed the strategy for the selection of stocks in resource-intensive sectors. The strategy and team started work in 2021 and focused on the energy sector. In 2022, the work was expanded to include the material sectors.

Other pension and asset managers that were rewarded were, for example, ABP, AllianceBernstein, Amundi, Fidelity, Osmosis and PensionDanmark, and others.

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