AP4 participates in 37 nomination committees ahead of the annual meeting season 2019

Participating in nomination committees, in order to get the best possible board for each company, is one of AP4's most important tasks as owners. Working in nomination committees therefore has high priority.

AP4 participated in 33 Nomination Committees in 2018, with great emphasis being placed on increased diversity among borad members, especially in terms of gender balance. In March 2019, AP4 works in 37 nomination committees ahead of the meeting season 2019.

In the nomination committees where AP4 participates:

  • At least one woman should be on the short list of nominations for new board members.
  • The Nomination Committee shall strive to ensure that the Swedish Corporate Governance Code’s recommendations on the proportion of women are net.

Nomination Committees 2019:

Company Representative
Actic Group Jannis Kitsakis
Arjo Per Colleen
Bactiguard Per Colleen
Beijer Ref Arne Lööw
Besquab  Olof Nyström
BillerudKorsnäs Thomas Wuolikainen
BioGaia Jannis Kitsakis
Björn Borg Thomas Ehlin
Camurus Arne Lööw
Cantargia Jannis Kitsakis
Cavotec Thomas Ehlin
CLX Per Colleen
Elekta Per Colleen
Eltel Per Colleen
Fabege Thomas Ehlin
Getinge Per Colleen
Gränges Jannis Kitsakis
Handicare Arne Lööw
Hemfosa Thomas Ehlin
H&M Thomas Wuolikainen
IBT Jannis Kitsakis
Inwido Thomas Wuolikainen
Immunicum Jannis Kitsakis
Lifco Per Colleen
Lindab Per Colleen
Medicover Per Colleen
Mekonomen Arne Lööw
Mycronic Thomas Ehlin
New Wave Group Arne Lööw
NCAB Jannis Kitsakis
Nobia Arne Lööw
NP3 Fastigheter Olof Nyström
Nyfosa Thomas Ehlin
Oscar Properties Olof Nyström
Probi Jannis Kitsakis
Q-Linea Jannis Kitsakis
Volati Jannis Kitsakis