AP4 ranked 3rd out of 500 institutional investors

AP4 has been awarded the highest rating (AAA) and positioned itself in third place out of 500 institutional investors in the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) Global Climate 500 Index. An increase from last year when AP4 was placed on a ninth place.

AP4 is therefore one of 12 investors assigned a rating of AAA and the Swedish investor that placed highest on the list.

AODP is an independent, global, non-profit organization that recognizes the specific financial risk attributes of climate change. Each year, AODP ranks the world’s 500 biggest asset owners, based on their success at managing climate risk within their portfolios. Asset owners are scored in three categories: Engagement, Risk Management and Low-Carbon Investment.

- We are very pleased to have been awarded the highest rating in AODP’s Global Climate 500 Index. According to AP4's analysis, climate change is an urgent global threat to our world, habitat and society and thus a threat to future performance and safe pensions. With that insight, AP4 drives that carbon emissions must be reduced and that climate risk in AP4's investments are managed, which we believe may influence yields positive in the long term, says Mats Andersson, CEO at AP4.

Last year AP4 positioned itself on ninth place, as one of nine investors who were assigned a rating of AAA.