AP4 was rewarded three prizes at IPE Awards 2021

AP4 received three awards and four nominations at the IPE Awards 2021, which were presented in December, at an award ceremony in Barcelona.

CEO Niklas Ekvall was invited to the prize ceremony and the prices were in the following categories:
Gold Awards - Commitment to diversity Judge’s comment: “AP4 takes a sophisticated approach to integrating diversity and inclusion in both its people processes and its portfolio management decisions”
Silver Awards - Active Management
Judge’s comment: “Terrific performance with clear framework to incentivize active management”
Country Awards - Sweden
Judge’s comment: “Up to date, with a fine-tuned investment strategy – true to their long-term philosophy”

"At AP4, we are honored and very delighted to win these prizes, especially the Commitment to Diversity Gold Award. It is a great recognition of our active work to promote diversity on the company boards where AP4 is working on the nomination committees as well as in recruitment to AP4. AP4 is also very happy to receive the Active Management Award in recognition of our strong active returns and investment strategy tailored to each asset class. And last but not least; the Sweden Country Award. Here AP4 can take advantage of the possibility to act very long-term and have been able to generate returns that contribute to the stability of the public pension system," says Niklas Ekvall, CEO at AP4.

AP4 was highly Commended and nominated in following categories:
Passive management, Factor Investing, Real Assets & Infrastructure and Public Pension Fund.