Changes in the Nomination Committee of CLX Communications

In accordance with the resolution of the 2017 AGM, a nomination committee shall be appointed comprising representatives of the four largest shareholders in addition to the chairman of the board.

During 2017 AP4 has become is one of the four largest shareholders in CLX Communications AB (publ) and has thus replaced Kjell Arvidsson AB. In accordance with the instructions for the nomination committee, Kjell Arvidsson AB has offered AP4 to appoint a representative to replace Anders Ingeström, currently representing Kjell Arvisson.

AP4 is reprsented by Thomas Wuolikainen, Portfolio Manager.

The other members of the committee are:

  • Jonas Fredriksson, Neqst
  • Richard Sallanto, Cantaloupe
  • Joachim Spetz, Swedbank Robur
  • Erik Fröberg, Chariman of the Board, CLX Communications AB


CLX Communications is a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services and solutions to enterprises and mobile operators. CLX's mobile communication services enable companies to communicate globally with customers and connected devices - Internet of Things (IoT). The Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has presence in a further 20 countries. CLX Communications' shares are traded at NASDAQ Stockholm.