This years Earth Overshoot Day

On August 13th this year's Earth Overshoot Day occurred. Earth Overshoot Day is the day when humanity has used up all the resources that the earth produces in one year. From now on, until the end of the year, we will have to live on borrowed resources.

Until 1987, the humanity never used more of the earth's resources than nature itself had time to renew. Since then the day has moved forward over four months and if we continue to live as we have done this year we will need 1.6 planet earths to be able to support ourselves.

For several years, AP4 has tried to reduce climate risk in our equity investments by reducing exposure to companies with relatively highest carbon emissions and fossil reserves. The companies that AP4 invest in are regularly evaluated on the basis of their size of their emissions and fossil reserves.

Since 2014 AP4 runs the association Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) together with the UN, Amundi and CDP.

- The negative trend continues and it becomes clearer that we must act against global warming which has incalculable consequences for the earth, its nature and its inhabitants. The purpose of PDC is to get investors worldwide to measure, disclose and reduce their carbon footpring and invest in low-carbon dioxide strategy by the December 2015 climate summit in Paris, says Mats Andersson, CEO at AP4.

- If a critical mass of institutional investors look over their means in order to emit less carbon dioxide, and this contributes to a decreasing carbon footprint, that will send a strong signal to politicians and companies that climate issues should be put high on the agenda, continues Mats Andersson.

Initiator to the Earth Overshoot Day is the organization Global Footpring Network and WWF.