AP4 publishes the 2015/2015 Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report

Sustainability affects us and our planet. It also has a financial impact on AP4's investments and thus affects the possibility of positively contributing to safeguarding pensions.

Today, the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) publishes its Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report 2015/2016 for the period July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016, which follows the Swedish Nomination Committee work and AGMs. The report summarizes AP4's management work regarding sustainability and corporate governance.

As part of the management, AP4 drives the integration of sustainability because this is expected to benefit and be essential in meeting the goal of sustainable high returns.

- AP4 has been working for quite some time integrating sustainability aspects in the investment process. As the newly appointed CEO it is my conviction that sustainability is central to correctly assess potential returns and the risks of investment options, says Niklas Ekvall, CEO AP4.

AP4 works with two focus areas - Sustainability and Corporate Governance - which are considered to have a major financial impact on investments. AP4 uses measurable sustainability goals as part of the management process to ensure that the work is propelled forward in the desired direction.

Sustainability includes AP4’s work in reducing climate risks in the assets with the help of various low carbon equity-strategies, as well as through investments in green bonds. AP4 measures and publishes its carbon footprint annually. AP4 is also involved in several international collaborations and ownership initiatives regarding sustainability, including the AP Funds' Ethical Council where the First - Fourth AP Funds work together to influence companies to make sustainability improvements.

Corporate governance includes AP4's work in Swedish Nomination Committees, which totalled 27 during 2015/16. Nomination Committee work is prioritized at AP4, and great importance is attached to efforts to achieve greater board diversity and more women elected to boards. During the period 2015/2016, AP4 voted at 79 Swedish and 759 foreign company AGM’s.

–  AP4 actively works to achieve a better gender balance on company boards. For many years, we have pursued the principle that at least one woman should be considered in proposals for new board members. This simple measure has had good results, and in many cases, has contributed to an increased proportion of women on the boards of companies in which AP4 participated in the Nomination Committee, says Arne Lööw, Head of Corporate Governance at AP4.


Fourth AP Fund's Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report 2015/2016 can be read and downloaded at www.ap4.se. This report is one of three reports that together describe AP4’s overall engagement. The other two reports are: AP4's Annual Report and the AP Funds' Ethical Council Annual Report.

For more information please contact:
Niklas Ekvall, CEO Fourth AP Fund
Arne Lööw, Head of Corporate Governance
Pia Axelsson, Corporate Governance and Communications

tel: +46 8-787 75 00