PDC surpasses the target of $100 bn USD in decarbonization strategies

The Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) is run by AP4 along with the United Nations Economic Programme (UNEP), Amundi and the Carbon Decarbonization Project (CDP). The aim is to get investors worldwide to measure and disclose their carbon footprint and to reduce their carbon footprint.

AP4 has worked with the PDC since 2014; the coalition was launched during the UN Climate Summit in New York in the autumn of 2014. The PDC has two targets to be achieved by the December 2015 Climate Summit in Paris. One of targets - to reduce the carbon footprint - entails gathering investors who use different strategies to undertake to reduce the indirect emissions the assets generate, and to achieve assets under management, using various decarbonization strategies, of at least USD 100 billion.

Very gratifying, PDC now announces that they are now overseeing the decarbonization of $ 230 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM), dramatically surpassing its target of $ 100 bn.

- We are pleased to see the progress made since the UN Climate Summit in 2014, and the change the PDC has helped catalyze within the investment community. We know enough about climate risk to know that, as a pension fund, it is our responsibility to act. We have experience. We have scalable solutions. We now need to make what we are doing today, mainstream tomorrow. And the PDC reaching its target is clearly a sign that we are heades in that direction, says Mats Andersson, CEO AP4, in the official pressrelease.