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    AP Funds’ Council on Ethics to drive positive change even more effectively

    The AP Funds' Council on Ethics is expanding in response to an audit conducted during the year. The Council on Ethics has decided to recruit an executive director whose duties will include establishing an administrative office to continue to drive positive change in companies in which the AP Funds have holdings.

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    Investors turn to courts after VW withholds climate lobbying details

    Volkswagen AG is facing a legal action by institutional shareholders after it refused repeated attempts to reveal crucial information on its corporate climate lobbying. This is the first time investors have started European litigation on a climate-related matter. The case was filed this week.

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    A turbulent and challenging first half of 2022

    The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund’s (AP4’s) return for the first half of 2022 was -12.6% after costs. AP4’s fund capital as per 30 June 2022 amounted to SEK 459.1 billion, compared with SEK 527.6 billion at the start of the year. The result for the first half of the year was SEK -66.6 billion. During the same period, a net total of SEK 2.0 billion was paid by AP4 to the pension system. The portfolio’s active return during the first half of the year was -2.3 percent.

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    The 2021 Annual Report of the Swedish National Pension Funds’ Council on Ethics: Further increase in transparency in the Council’s dialogues

    The AP Funds’ Council on Ethics sums up a very active 2021and further increases transparency. The annual report presents a more transparent account of the impact dialogues and the milestones achieved. Eight proactive projects have been conducted to improve sustainability in difficult and vulnerable sectors and 85 reactive company dialogues have been conducted to enable companies to address serious incidents and prevent future incidents.

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    AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 post record profits of SEK 316 billion in 2021

    Together, the AP Funds (AP1-AP4) achieved their best result ever of SEK 316 billion. This significantly contributes to the stability of the income pension system and the mission to be of the greatest possible benefit to current and future pensioners.

  • Very good return for AP4 against the background of strong economic recovery

    The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund’s (AP4’s) return for the full year 2021 was 19.2% after costs, and the net result for the year was SEK 85.7 billion. This is the highest result ever achieved since AP4 began operating in 1974. Active management continued to be successful and contributed 3.5 percentage points to the return, corresponding to SEK 15.2 billion in 2021. After net transfers of SEK 7.5 billion to the pension system during the year, fund capital increased to SEK 527.6 billion at year-end 2021. AP4’s carbon emissions for the listed equity portfolio decreased by an additional 23% during the year.