• AP4 does not invest in tobacco companies

    AP4 has made a business decision not to invest in tobacco companies given the risks involved are deemed to be significant and that over time these companies will underperform the index.¹ "Tobacco company" refers to companies that manufacture tobacco products for smoking (cigarettes, cigars, etc.) and snuff in various forms.

  • Investing in UN targets

    AP4 is one of nine global investors that has pledged our intention to invest in accordance with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In order to promote and encourage these kinds of value-creating investments, here after Sustainable Development Investments (SDI), a defintion is provided.

  • AP4 ranked 3rd out of 500 institutional investors

    AP4 has been awarded the highest rating (AAA) and positioned itself in third place out of 500 institutional investors in the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) Global Climate 500 Index. An increase from last year when AP4 was placed on a ninth place.

  • Ethical Council Annual Report 2015

    The Ethical Council of the Swedish AP Funds has an important task – to encourage portfolio companies to enhance their performance on environmental and social issues. The AP Funds are long-term, responsible and committed investors. The Ethical Council’s dialogues with companies make a difference. During 2015, the Ethical Council conducted dialogues with 178 companies around the world concerning a total of 254 incidents, pertaining mainly to business ethics, human rights, labour rights, corruption and the environment.

  • Swedish delegation participated on the G20 and B20 meetings on green finance

    The G20 has set up a new working group for green financing in order to lift the financial system’s importance in a sustainable development. As Sweden’s policies and market development in green financing is considered very interesting and relevant, a Swedish delegation was invited to participate on the G20 working meeting and policy session in London at the end of March.

  • AP4's CEO awarded Honorable Mention for paper on climate risk

    The Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCi) has just presented the winners of the IRRC Institute Research Award for the fourth consecutive year. The competition seeks innovative research that examines the interaction between the real economy and investment theory.

  • AP4 ranked number 7 in the IRRI Survey 2015

    In the IRRI Survey, published in the beginning of 2016, AP4 is ranked number seven when the question “Which asset owner contributes most to the wider SRI debate”? is asked. Out of the top ten ranked pension funds, AP4 is the only Swedish.

  • "Let a hundred flowers blossom" - Mats Anderssons letter from the CEO.

    "Sustainability is a way to reduce risk and ultimately increase returns for the portfolio manager with a long-term mandate. There’s an old misconception that there would be a conflict between return and sustainability. On the contrary! I would like to say: No company, or organization can have long-term success if sustainability is not high on their agenda." With that words, Mats Andersson starts his letter from the CEO in AP4's Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report 2014/2015 that was published on December 22. Read the whole letter below: