AP4 har tilldelats en utmärkelse för sin långsiktiga investeringsstrategi

Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE) har tilldelat AP4 utmärkelsen IPE Gold Award för bästa Long-Term Investment Strategy.

AP4 var totalt nominerad till fem olika utmärkelser:

  • Long-term Investment Strategy
  • Best Pension Fund of the Year
  • Best Pension Fund Sweden
  • Sovereign Fund
  • Climate Related Risk Management

I kategorin "Long-term Investment Strategy" tilldelades AP4 ett pris.

Motiveringen lyder bland annat:

Demonstrates a real appreciation of what long-term investing is about.

Clear, simple and strong investment philosophy and strategy based on:

  • High equity content (60%)
  • LT investment horizon (40 year) allowing for annual volatility
  • Priority given to sustainability (Corporate governance and climate change)
  • Very low operating cost ( 6bp) 
  • This is validated by the excellent average annual return achieved over the last 10 years (6.8%)
Strong real returns, managing short versus long term risk profile, harvesting liquidity premiums.
Impressive focus on long term strategy, excellent long term results. To maintain a return of over 9.7% over 5 years is an excellent performance.